Tet recap

We had our first networking event of 2022 in light of the celebration of the Lunar New Year on February 5th at Nordcloud office. The primary topic to discuss at the event was “New year, new me, new home”. Our members had lots of vibrant conversations about several real estate subjects.

The event successfully reached the maximum capacity set with 50 members participating from all around Finland. During the 4-hour period, our members were able to network with one another, enjoy savory delicacies from our vendor – Mekong restaurant, discuss the housing-related topics, play interacting games, and participate in the lotto game.

Just like the other networking events of ours, “New year, new me, new home” was about getting to know each other, we were amazed by each other’s backgrounds. We all share joint homesickness during the Lunar New Year, hence it was very meaningful for us to meet and have fun with the other Vietnamese residing in Finland. Moreover, the New Home segment helped equip everyone participating in the event with the knowledge and experience in terms of different types of housing, as well as purchasing/renting a residence venue.

Final words: We would like to send our special thank-you to the sponsors of the event: Nordcloud, Tfix, Amila Design, Tiệm Mọt, and Stay Well. You lit up the atmosphere and turned it into a real Tết holiday, making us Vietnamese feel like being at home.

VPF is doing its best to bring you many more interesting and insightful events in the future in order to build a strong community of Viet expats in Finland. We would like to thank you all for joining us, and we are looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!